Buffalo Engine Components sees value in Canadian connections

By Mike Davey

Buffalo, New York — October 23, 2013 — It’s not surprising when a U.S. company located close to the border would do business with Canadian firms. What is surprising is when they do a majority of certain types of their business with companies here. 

Buffalo Engine Components is a family owned operation that serves as a warehouse distributor for new transmission parts, buys and sells auto scrap metal, exports complete motors with transmissions worldwide and buys and supplies used automotive parts/cores for the remanufacturing industry. 
Cores from across the U.S. come into the company’s 300,000 sq. ft. facility in upstate New York, often by rail car. However, Buffalo Engine Components also supports a fleet of seven roll-off container trucks which make local pick-ups from approximately 150 recyclers in the U.S., and approximately 50 automotive recyclers in Canada. For a number of reasons, the shipments from Canadian auto recycling facilities comprise about 60 percent of the total. 
Hard at work on one of the lines at Buffalo Engine Components. The company processes over 350 engines and 700 transmissions a day at its 300,000 sq. ft. facility.  
Hard at work on one of the lines at Buffalo Engine Components. The company processes over 350 engines and 700 transmissions a day at its 300,000 sq. ft. facility.   
“In the U.S., we’re talking about places like Ohio, Pennyslyvania and western New York. The population density is relatively low,” says Marc Parisi of Buffalo Engine Components. “On the other hand, the areas of Canada where we do business have high population density and a lot more drivers.”
The company started business in 1980, incorporating under the name Cousins Core Company when Andy and Sam Pellitieri started a small core business in a four bay garage. Joining the ranks in 1983, Joe Pellitieri Sr. and a few employees helped grow the company to a larger warehouse on the east side of Buffalo, NY. The company added engine and transmission cores to the small parts cores being bought and sold around this time.  
The company again upgraded to a larger warehouse in 1996 and changed its name to Buffalo Engine Components. More staff and more family members joined the company over the years, with Mike Brown (1997), Jason Pellitieri (1998), Joe Pellitieri (2001), Marc Parisi (2002), Mary Pellitieri (2003), and Paul Pellitieri (2009) adding to the growth and expansion of Buffalo Engine Components.  
With product being shipped worldwide, the family business has grown to its present facilities of 300,000 sq. ft., and processes over 350 engines and 700 transmissions a day.  The company’s present product lines include engines, transmissions, torque converters, transmission hard parts, new and rebuilt transmission parts as well as all types of small core and automotive scrap.  
For more information, please visit buffaloengine.com

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