Bringing New Life to Bumpers: Ultra-Poly, Autoneum develop composite material from recycled bumpers

Michigan, United States ⁠— Ultra-Poly and Autoneum North America Inc., based in Novi, Michigan, have collaborated to develop a composite material that utilizes recycled bumper material as a rigid backing substrate for a fibrous layer.

This composite is used for vibration and noise attenuation in a chassis component, contributing to improved performance and functionality, according to the partners.

The development of this composite was inspired by Ultra-Poly’s participation in the Plastics Industry Association’s End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Recycling Project. During the project, Ultra-Poly recognized the potential of recovered fascia in polypropylene (PP) compounds and nonappearance applications within the automotive market.

To obtain the recycled bumper covers required for this product, Ultra-Poly directly collects them from autobody shops. These bumper covers have been carefully removed from vehicles and stripped of any usable connected components. By repurposing these materials, Ultra-Poly and Autoneum North America Inc. are making strides toward achieving a circular economy within the automotive industry.

The material has been listed in the International Material Data System (IMDS), ensuring its compliance with industry standards.

“This is a groundbreaking program that will help advance the automotive industry closer to achieving the standards of a circular economy,” said Kevin Cronin, Vice President of Sustainability and R&D at Ultra-Poly.

“With the increasing challenge of OEMs to require more and more recycled content, this product delivers on that challenge, enabling us to become more sustainable as a company,” said Dan Moler, Vice President of Product Development and Engineering at Autoneum North America.

“Everyone benefits; bodyshops, recyclers, automotive part manufacturers, OEMs, and, most importantly, the environment.”

Steve Fletcher, managing director for the Automotive Recyclers of Canada, commented that the organization’s own ELV Plastics Roadmap, published last year, cited a recommendation similar to Ultra-Poly and Autoneum’s development, but for the Canadian industry.


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  1. Fantastic collaboration between Ultra-Poly and Autoneum North America Inc.! It’s inspiring to see innovation in recycling, transforming discarded bumper material into a composite for enhanced performance. The commitment to a circular economy in the automotive industry is commendable. Kudos to both companies for their contribution to sustainable practices and compliance with industry standards.

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