Boost for Batteries: Quebec launches ‘first-of-its-kind’ EV battery recovery program

Quebec City, Quebec — Quebec recently launched a “first-of-its-kind” electric vehicle (EV) battery recovery program designed to collect, transport, repurpose, remanufacture and recycle end-of-life EV batteries⁠—specifically, fuel cells that fall outside of the established OEM management programs.

The EV Battery Recovery Program is the result of a collaboration between vehicle manufacturers that worked with Call2Recycle to develop and launch the platform, leveraging the organization’s extensive experience in end-of-life battery management for multiple businesses and sectors across Canada.

The program is funded by the participating OEMs⁠—which includes Honda, Acura, BMW, Dodge, Fiat, Nissan, Tesla, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and many more⁠—and offered to dismantlers, shredders, independent repair and service facilities, dealerships, fleet operators and even individual vehicle owners.

Vehicle manufacturers selling EVs in the Canadian market have already established recovery and management practices for EV batteries under warranty, subject to recall, or returned through their network. The EV Battery Recovery program complements actions already in place and delivers on the manufacturers’ commitment to the Government of Québec to have a program in place to ensure eligible EV batteries at risk of not being recycled or reused at end-of-life are responsibly managed and recovered. 

The program is unprecedented in North America, according to the issued press release, and will be valuable in collecting information about EV batteries at end-of-life and their availability in Québec where there has been significant early adoption of EVs. 

The program also supports the sustainable management of EV batteries and the further development of a circular economy for these valuable resources.

For more information about the program, follow the quick start guide on the industry website located at 

A list of participating vehicle manufacturers can be viewed at, or by clicking here.


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