Auto recyclers across Canada celebrate Wally Dingman’s 50th birthday

A few views of Wally Dingman, Chairman of the ARC and OARA recycling associations. Dingman's hard work and dedication to his industry has served as an inspiration to others.
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario — May 12, 2016 — Greetings and good wishes are pouring in to celebrate the 50th birthday of Wally Dingman, Chairman of the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) and the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC).
A rock solid mainstay of the auto recycling association world in Canada, Dingman has been the Chairman of OARA for over 12 years and Chairman of ARC for the past 10 years. He has helped guide those associations successfully through multiple years of incredible growth and diversification.
Dingman is also owner of Caughill Auto Wreckers in Niagara-on-the-Lake, a third generation business now in its 34th year. He has been married to Ingrid Dingman for 26 years, and they have three children he is incredibly proud of, two daughters, 23 and 21, and a son, aged 17.
Below are some of the comments pouring in from his fellow automotive recyclers and board members. It’s obvious that Dingman has made a huge impact on his industry through his association work:
“Extracurriculars? Between his business, OARA, ARC and family, that’s about all he does!”
“Thank you Wally. The work you do goes largely unnoticed; many don’t realize how your efforts have shaped an entire industry in Ontario, Canada and in North America. Your wisdom, insight, patience and leadership have been at the head of our organization for over 10 years.  On many occasions you have sacrificed your own success for an industry which doesn’t say ‘thank you’ very often. So on your 50th Birthday: thank you! Thank you for what you have done for auto recyclers. Thank you for what you have done for my business, and thank you for what you have done for me. I am truly grateful.”
“Happy birthday to one of the most passionate people on the earth! You have championed auto recycling for everyone’s benefit for a longtime. That hasn’t gone unnoticed and neither should this milestone birthday. Happy birthday Wally, it’s great to work alongside you and I look forward to continuing that.”
“Great job Wally … getting to 50 that is. I am certain that there were times in your life that you believed that 50 was not going to be attainable, either by your own or someone else’s hand! But,here you are, a success in every way possible and certainly from my point of view a wonderfully dynamic and supportive leader of many facets of the recycling industry in Canada and by extension, worldwide. Happy birthday with many more to follow.”
“I have learned a lot about you over the last decade: You are a dedicated family man, you hate the guys your daughters date, you have a bad back, you never say the “f” word, you care about what people say about you, integrity is very important to you, you laugh at your own jokes, you have read the “white paper” one thousand times, OARA keeps you up at night, you like to eat chicken, you will never wear a toupee … and you are a great leader, you are passionate about our industry, you care about your friends and you and Steve have spent a lot of time together … and you are 50! Happy birthday Wally! I feel honoured that you are my friend!”
“I have had the pleasure of working with and for Wally for almost two decades now. Without a doubt he is the best association chair I have run into. His ability to grasp the small details and the largest concepts make him a visionary in our industry. Through sheer will, ability and determination he has helped craft associations that will positively impact the industry for a long time. The word ‘legacy’ comes to mind when I think of Wally and his accomplishments.”
“Wally, your dedication to this industry is amazing, with all the projects you have on the go between  ARC and OARA you always have time to answer our questions and give great advice and insight. Thank you and happy birthday from your friends at the Automotive Recyclers of Manitoba.”
“What would we do without you? Wally, it has truly been an honour and a pleasure to be on both the ARC and OARA Board with you.  In such trying times, that have numerous legal and financial challenges, I am amazed at the way your mind works. You have the astounding ability to see the truth and the solution, mixing business acumen and political understanding on a daily basis. Too often we fail to tell you we admire and appreciate you. The sacrifices you make for your family and business are over and above what is expected, yet each morning you pick that torch up, and forge on. You have made us licensed auto recyclers in the province of Ontario!  The achievement of a lifetime.”
“Wow. A half-century old. But in all seriousness, thanks for caring and improving our recycling world. I guess auto wrecking is the true calling when things started 50 years ago for you.  We appreciate all that you do to help our industry.  Being on the ARC Board and seeing the energy and drive that Wally deals with on the many issues is inspiring. Wally is like a Russell Crowe in the movie Master and Commander: dealing with rough and smooth waters and when needed; lighting the cannons to ward off the offender when called for. May your birthday be a good time with family and friends. And I count you as a friend. Thanks for all you do. Have a great birthday. Wally for Prime Minister!”
“It is an honour to work with you on the ARC board.  Your dedication and passion for this industry is clear to see.  I doubt very much that many of us realize the amount of time and effort you put into OARA and ARC.  We have much to be thankful to you for. Many happy returns on you birthday!”
Last but not least, from those of us at Canadian Auto Recyclers, Collision Repair magazine and Bodyworx Professional: Happy birthday! Your hard work and dedication to your industry are truly an inspiration to all of us.

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