ARPAC spreads awareness of recycling fires

December 5, 2018 – Over the past decade The Association of Auto Parts Recyclers (ARPAC) members have been involved in several major fires that have destroyed buildings storing dismantled vehicles. In most cases, gasoline handling was the cause.

In February 2016, a prevention committee was established consisting of Pierre Robitaille, president of ARPAC; Denis Bégin, part-owner of Pièces d’autos Fernand Bégin; Pierrette Grenier, owner of Pièces d’autos Samson; Marc Ayotte, insurance broker at DPA assurances; and Simon Matte, CEO of ARPAC.

An information document on this subject was produced, under the title “Tips and Tricks”, in collaboration with all ARPAC members. The document reflects the different experiences of the recyclers.

A 30-point checklist was also prepared, in collaboration with Auto-Prévention.

In September 2016, all members present at the ARPAC convention were given the opportunity to attend a 90-minute fire prevention course presented by Michel Gagnon of Auto-Prévention. The course was repeated in April 2017 in different regions of Quebec to ensure that all recyclers would have access to it.

Despite the use of preventive measures, a fire can occur at any time and it is important to know what to do and which tools to use. For example, to put out a gasoline fire, only a dry powder extinguisher should be used – never water.


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