AARDA working to standardize provincial license requirements

November 29, 2018 — The Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers Association (AARDA) has been working alongside the Alberta Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) to standardize the province’s license requirements for auto recyclers.

“As an auto recycler there is an environmental responsibility with dismantling a vehicle properly,” says Ken Sorensen, executive director of the AARDA.

Sorensen explained that right now the licensing is controlled through the municipality and not the province.

“We’re one of the last provinces to have standard provincial regulations put in place,” he says.

As a result, some areas of the province will have more strict environmental requirements for recyclers, while others may not.

The association noticed this as an issue and has been working on putting proper regulations in place for several years, but Sorensen says they are now getting close.

This process has involved many meetings, and agreements prepared but beyond that, “the struggle has been figuring out who to talk to,” says Sorensen.


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