A Trip Across the Pond: OARA announces 2024 auto recycling trip to England

Toronto, Ontario — The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) has announced a proposed itinerary for a trip to England to sightsee and visit English automotive recyclers.

The initial itinerary notes that the trip—taking place June 15 to 23—is a “cross the pond learning opportunity to see how (England) processes vehicles, prepares for electrification, and to share how Canadians deal with part sales, vehicle acquisition and more.”

The trip has been organized by OARA but is also open to any interested auto recycler or vendor in the United States and Canada.

Current travel plans include travel to Gatwick airport followed by a day of sightseeing to popular destinations like the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. Accommodation will be provided at the Holiday Inn Kensington High Street, or similar.

The following day, the group will travel to Southampton where one part of the group will visit Silverlake and the other half will visit Winchester where they will have a guided tour of the town and visit Winchester Cathedral. The day will also include trips to Charles Trend LTD and Brownsea Island. Dinner will be spent in Salisbury and will include a three-course meal and accommodation at the Holiday Inn Salisbury, or similar.

From here, the group will travel to Oxford and then Cambridge where events will include a mix of sightseeing, visits to Stonehenge and a tour of ASM Auto Recycling.

After spending another day in Cambridge visiting the Wimpole Estate, Autospares Salvage, and Charlton’s Recycled Auto Parts, the group will return to London for a full day of leisure and then travel back to Gatwick airport.

Current cost estimates for the trip currently stand at $4,000 per person based on double occupancy with a single supplement of $1,395. There is also an additional $300 per person charge for spouses to help cover entry fees and separate logistics. The current cost estimates are based around a travel party of 20 people. If more people attend, the cost would decrease by $100 and if less people attend, the cost would increase by $300.

Interested parties should contact Steve Fletcher at 519-858-8761 or Mary Poirier at 613-312-6170 or at mary@valleyautomotive.ca.



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