A tremendous opportunity

December 7, 2018 — The automotive industry is full of paths that lead to tremendous career opportunities. David Gold, president of Automotive Recyclers Association and owner of Standard Auto Wreckers, is determined to help youth see this potential, specifically when it comes to auto dismantling. Nothing lasts forever, and vehicles are no different. With that in mind, stakeholders play an important role in determining what happens to these end-of-life vehicles and how they are repurposed.

Gold explained that auto dismatlers are always looking for young talent. “There is always a demand for it,” said Gold.

As technology progresses and vehicle parts climb in price, a better understanding continues to develop on the benefits of purchasing more affordable dismantled parts. In fact, new technology plays a significant role in the day-to-day work of auto dismantlers.

A variety of tools used to buy salvaged vehicles and maintain inventories are operated through technological software. “It is a labor-intensive business, but we are starving for good people to be involved. As time progresses the vehicles become more complex, which is why there is a demand for young talent with all the skills set,” said Gold.

Standard Auto Wreckers is one of the many auto dismantling businesses in Canada, and their various locations are always seeking fresh faces and new talent, especially right now. “We could always could use more, we could actually use about five more people right now,” said Gold.

Gold stressed that the major issue that exists towards attracting youth to the industry, is helping them realize the potential that lies ahead in auto dismantling.

As president for the ARA Gold has attended various conferences and conventions that focus on placing emphasis on attracting young talent to the industry, as well as identifying how they are best suited for
the workplace. One of the conferences he attended this past summer, which discussed these ideas in London, England, was “CARS.” Gold had the role of moderating a panel titled, “Different Methods, Different Experiences: Dismantling in the UK & Further Afield.”

“It was great – there was one millennial who presented and demonstrated how he has embraced technology and used it to his advantage to sell parts on line and organize his business (which is done on a very small footprint),” he said.

Gold encourages the younger generation with a passion in this field to take a trip to their local auto-dismantler and introduce themselves. “There is not a recycling facility out there that wouldn’t accept someone with a good attitude and willingness to work hard,” he confirmed.

While most auto dismantlers are “car enthusiasts”, it is not the same kind of work as a mechanic or collision repairer. In fact, Gold would describe it as more of an “art than a science” as it is the act of actually ripping apart a vehicle and identifying which parts are capable for reuse.


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