A Helpful Hierarchy: Automotive Recyclers Association releases a Battery Use Materials Hierarchy chart

Toronto, Ontario — The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) has recently published a Battery Material Use Hierarchy chart to aid in the environmental transparency of battery recycling.

The Battery Material Use Hierarchy chart emphasizes the need for the highest and best use for batteries after they have served their initial purpose.

The Battery Material Use Hierarchy chart from the Automotive Recyclers Association and Argonne National Laboratory.

Notably, the chart indicates that the most preferred outcome for a battery is to be reused as originally intended and unmodified, such as being repurposed in another vehicle. Comparatively, the least preferred outcome is through disposal wherein, no materials are recovered and either the product is put in a landfill or neutralized.

According to a recent LinkedIn post about the Battery Material Use Hierarchy chart, the ARA states that “the automotive recycling and dismantling industry is excited to be working towards an electrified future in transportation by maximizing existing resources, providing affordable vehicle repair parts, and creating a sustainable and circular economy.”

The hierarchy chart was published in partnership with the Argonne National Laboratory, a federally funded research and development centre in Lemont, Illinois, United States which focuses on clean energy and environmental solutions.


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