A Day to Remember: Dom’s Auto Parts celebrates 60 years in business

Courtice, Ontario – On Saturday, Jun 22, Dom’s Auto Parts hosted a barbecue with friends, family and industry members alike to celebrate its 60th year in business. The event had an impressive turnout of approximately 250 people and saw customers, friends and family enjoying a variety of activities that offered a little something for everyone.

When speaking with Canadian Auto Recyclers magazine, Dom Vetere, owner of Dom’s Auto Parts Co, said this was an amazing day.

“The Motor City Car Club brought a bunch of their cars down. We also had friends and family bring their cars down. So we had a bit of a show and shine kind of thing going on, with cars parked all over the property, tents set up, food and cake. It was a great celebration,” Vetere said.

The event also asked that people bring food so that it could be donated to the area’s local food banks. In total, attendees filled around 15 boxes of food to be donated.

Last year, when discussing what the company should do for their 60th year in business, Vetere further told Canadian Auto Recyclers magazine that not only did he know that he wanted to celebrate the milestone, but he also knew that he wanted to show appreciation towards the employees that have been with Dom’s Auto Parts the longest.

“Randy has been with us for 51 years–since he was a teenager. My grandfather and dad hired him in the late 60s when he was about 11 years old,” he said. “ We also have Bobby, who’s been with us for 47 years and two others, our bookkeeper and our shop manager, who’ve been with us for 34 years. So we wanted to show just how amazing they are and how much help they were over the years and that we couldn’t have gotten to this point without them.”

To end off the day, Vetere offered recognition awards to longtime employees and thanked guests with a heartfelt message of community and connection.

“We’ve had some tough times,” Vetere told guests. “We had the fire and that was a tough time for us all. But like in life, we have people around us who help us out. So, I hope at some point through all these years, Dom’s was able to help. Thank you to everyone who has helped us. We’re all here to look out for each other.

Bonnie Wrightman, Executive Director, Clarington Board of Trade further commented that “we are happy to support businesses in our community like Dom’s Auto Parts in Courtice. Providing exceptional service for 60 years is a testament to their commitment to their business, customers and collision repair industry partners. Their anniversary event was a great moment to celebrate all those who support Dom’s Auto Parts and all those they serve.”

Check out some exclusive photos from the event below! Canadian Auto Recyclers would like to extend congratulations to Dom and the team at Dom’s Auto Parts on this successful milestone in their automotive journey.



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