400 Auto Wreckers’ Huehn helps lift kids’ dreams

By Andrew Ardizzi


400 Auto Wreckers’ Tom Huehn and Sunshine Foundation’s Kristen Laskow and Samantha Glover helped pass out activity books to children at the DreamLift information session.  

Brantford, Ontario — April 23, 2014 — 400 Auto Wreckers’ owner Tom Huehn brought his past relationship with Scholastic Canada to encourage literacy with the children preparing to embark on the Sunshine Foundation’s 2014 trip to Disney World.

“The reactions from parents to Scholastic’s generosity is remarkable. They’re supporting these kids, and the parents appreciate their effort,” says Huehn. “It’s a nice gift for both the kids who are going and who aren’t. Every child gets a book.”

Huehn took part in the recent DreamLift information session, a meeting held ahead of the Sunshine Foundation’s annual trip to Disney World to brief parents on the itinerary and also to familiarize the children going on the trip with the volunteers. He says each child received either a book or activity book, in addition to extra treats including sticker packs and removeable tattoos. 

The DreamLift trip treats children with chronic diseases and physical disabilities to a one day trip to Disney World in Orlando, Fla., and was run this year by the Sunshine Foundation with the support of RBC, SC Johnson and a local McDonalds, with the help of volunteers like Huehn who donated their time at varying stages of the trip’s organization, which allowed 80 kids to spend a day in the Magical Kingdom.

“I’ve never had any issues in my family, but when you meet these kids you feel fortunate for what you have when you meet these children and their families,” he says.

OARA Executive Director Steve Fletcher congratulated Huehn for donating to his time, and commended him for organzing another Scholastic book giveaway.

“Tom should be acknowledged for the work he does as an ambassador for OARA and the industry,” Fletcher says. “I can see how much joy he gets from helping and meeting the kids, and from helping the Sunshine Foundation.”

Huehn has worked alongside OARA in the previous two years to organize the trip’s information sessions, and it’s that experience working to support the Sunshine Foundation that has made an undeniable difference in his life.

“My exposure to the Sunshine Foundation has had an important impact on my life,” he says. “And it’s something I’ve decided to do on a continuing basis because I feel it’s important.”

For more information on the Sunshine Foundation, please visit Sunshine.ca.



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