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Get the most from your converters

United Catalyst Corporation believes in the benefits of assay- based selling. Since no two converters are the same, and each converter must go through the same refining process, it makes sense that recyclers sell converters based on recovery of the metals. Most recyclers once they experience the increased profit from assay- based selling say they would never go back to selling converters by the piece. With United Catalyst program, you purchase or acquire your converters as auto parts, but you sell them as precious metals.

Beginning with the end in mind, United Catalyst Corporation recounts all converters coming in and confirms all shipment weights in its delivery confirmation report. Believing that if you are missing weight, you are missing money, United Catalyst balances all weights coming in to all weights post processing and refining to a tolerance of less than one half of one percent (0.5 percent).

Shipping to Greenville, South Carolina, is easy from anywhere in the world. Payments are quick. And the results are trusted and verified by a third party.

From beginning to end, the United Catalyst process works to get you the most value from your converters with a verified method. From processing to refining and selling metal, United Catalyst works to maximize each recycler’s load no matter the size. From 100 units to 1,000,000 units the process is the same.

Choosing a company to recycle your scrap catalytic converters is no easy task. Working with a reputable company that can and will verify your count, verify your weights and balance them, verify the sample and assay is accurate, and charge you a reasonable amount to recycle converters is smart, profitable, and worth your time and energy. United Catalyst takes you on a journey to greater profits and true precious metals expertise getting you the most from your converters with a process you can trust.

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For over 30 years United Catalyst Corporation has been serving the recycling industry and has been an active associate member of many industry groups including Ontario Auto Recyclers (OARA), Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), United Recyclers Group (URG), Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), and the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI). United Catalyst Corporation President, Becky Berube, writes a monthly educational column for the industry, serves as co-chair of the ARA Annual Convention Educational Programming Committee, is on the administrative team for the ARA Peer Mentoring Program, and is an Executive Committee member of the IPMI.


100 Industrial Blvd.
Fountain Inn, SC 29644, United States