Gone too Soon: High repair cost driving many Teslas to salvage prematurely, Reuters says

Toronto, Ontario — Tesla has been talking big about its in-house insurance platform recently, and how it is providing insights on potential design improvements, but some recent reporting from Reuters has found that far too many of the electric automaker’s vehicles are turning up as salvage prematurely. In a compilation of 120 Model Y vehicles […]

Plugged In: Auto Recyclers of Canada unveil EV Roadmap, with case for national training, capacity growth programs and budgets

Ottawa, Ontario — The Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) has released its Roadmap and Implementation Plan for the Management of End-of-Life Electric Vehicles in Canada, designed to inform the automotive recycling industry and related stakeholders on required actions for the efficient recycling of EVs and EV components. The official Roadmap and Implementation Plan for the […]