Sourcing Sustainability: Volvo to use recycled sheet metal by 2026

Toronto, Ontario — Volvo says it has secured access to near-zero emission primary and recycled sheet metal and plans to use it in an upcoming car program. Volvo will be sourcing its steel from Swedish company SSAB and plans to begin using the steel it has acquired in one of its car programs by 2026. […]

Recent increase in global scrap steel prices

The prices for steel scrap have ticked up slightly recently, but this follows a year of lower than average prices.

Toronto, Ontario — March 9, 2016 — Good news for automotive recyclers: there’s been an unexpected upturn in ferrous scrap prices recently. A number of experts have weighed in on whether the price bump will last. The price increase is quite recent and follows numbers in January that showed a decline in world steel production. […]