Molecular Management: Molecular recycling study demonstrates potential closed-loop solution for automotive plastic waste

Toronto, Ontario — Material technology company Eastman says it has developed a new method to recycle automotive plastic waste at a molecular level. Specifically, Eastman’s technology takes automotive shredder residue (ASR) or “auto fluff” and uses this as the feedstock in the recycling process. After breaking down otherwise hard-to-recycle plastics, the new material is then […]

Team with Tandem: Repurposing plastics with Tandem Recycling

Montreal, Quebec — If you have automotive plastics you don’t know what you do with—give Tandem Recycling a call. Tandem Recycling collects end-of-life automotive plastics for recycling, where the company then turns it into remanufactured plastic resin. Remanufactured plastic resin can be used in injection molded products like auto parts, industrial components, pallets, tank containers, […]