My Precious: An updated platinum group metals outlook for 2023 and beyond

by Becky Berube, United  Catalyst Corporation Back in July, we at United Catalyst Corporation summarized the 2022 outlook for Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) with excerpts from the Johnson Matthey Market Report. The report proved true on many fronts. Business conditions have not returned to pre-pandemic levels. Industrial demand for Platinum has remained robust. The war […]

Palladium metal prices predicted to fall

December 7, 2018 — At one point, palladium, was the most expensive and precious metal but the times have changed. Palladium is an industrial metal commonly used as a component in autocatalytic converters in gasoline powered engines. According to a U.K research firm, they said they can see palladium prices falling to $1,000 an ounce by […]