VIP List: Attendees for ARC electric vehicle roundtable to include OEMs, insurance carriers, collision network reps and more

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— The Automotive Recyclers of Canada’s (ARC) invite-only roundtable discussion on the end-of-life process of electric vehicles will include delegates from various verticals of the automotive industry, including collision repair banners, insurance reps and automakers. According to ARC managing director Steve Fletcher, the guest list include organizations like AIA Canada, AARO (Automotive Aftermarket […]

Plugged In: Auto Recyclers of Canada unveil EV Roadmap, with case for national training, capacity growth programs and budgets

Ottawa, Ontario — The Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) has released its Roadmap and Implementation Plan for the Management of End-of-Life Electric Vehicles in Canada, designed to inform the automotive recycling industry and related stakeholders on required actions for the efficient recycling of EVs and EV components. The official Roadmap and Implementation Plan for the […]

B.C. is EVFriendly: ARA launches EV confidence initiative aimed to inform industry professionals

Victoria, British Columbia — The Automotive Retailers Association of British Columbia (ARA) has announced the launch of EVfriendly, an initiative designed to cultivate a higher degree of confidence in zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) ownership in the province. According to the ARA, this new program helps ensure that only trained and qualified industry professionals are selling, servicing, […]