Tough Talks: Steve Fletcher speaks on IBISConnect USA sustainability panel

London, United Kingdom ⁠— Some deep discussions need to be had across the automotive and automotive aftermarket industries if a path toward sustainability and sustainable repairs is to be achieved, according to a panel during the International Bodyshop Industry Symposium (IBIS) broadcast last week. The International Bodyshop Industry Symposium’s IBISConnect USA event took place last Thursday […]

Research team at Georgia Tech develops new way to recycle carbon fibre

A research team at Georgia Tech has developed a new way of recycling carbon. Pictured above, one of the men involved in the project Kai Yu shows off the team's method - immersing carbon fibre composites in alcohol.

By Mike Pickford Atlanta, Georgia — September 7, 2016 — According to reports, a group of researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology may be responsible for one of the most ground-breaking discoveries relating to the collision repair industry in recent memory after it was revealed the team had developed a method to recycle almost […]

Ontario government to enforce new end-of-life vehicle site regulations

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change has given end-of-life vehicle waste disposal sites until September 30 to comply with new provincial regulations.

Toronto, Ontario — September 7, 2016 — The Ontario government has given sites that manage end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) until the end of the month to comply with new provincial regulations. Back in March, the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change ushered in changes to its registration policy for all facilities that manage ELVs throughout […]

Auto recyclers head to Malaysia for international roundtable

Ed MacDonald represented the Automotive Recyclers of Canada at the 9th International Roundtable on Auto Recycling.

Melaka, Malaysia — August 3, 2016 — Auto recyclers from around the world came to Malaysia to attend the 9th International Roundtable on Auto Recycling (IRT). The event took place at Hatten Hotel Melaka. The IRT brings together the leading international automotive recycler associations, industry players, officials, guest speakers and local auto recyclers to discuss […]