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With a rich legacy spanning over 90 years, Hollander Solutions has so solidified its position as a key player in the automotive recycling industry. Proudly backed by Solera, a global automotive industry solutions giant, Hollander is renowned for its expertise in automotive business efficiency.

Whether utilizing eLINK, Powerlink, or EDEN, Hollander offers tailored solutions for salvage yards of any size, leveraging a legacy of innovation and forward-thinking design to provide a leading edge.

An illustrative example of Hollander’s standing in the automotive recycling industry is its partnership with eBay. eLink users benefit from exclusive access to a rate card, facilitating substantial savings on expenses. Hollander’s eBay page continues to receive consistent five-star reviews from satisfied customers.

Powerlink with the Interchange application makes running a recycling yard seamless, Hollander’s part identifification product, enables efficient matching of customer requests to available parts, ensuring prompt and profitable deliveries.

Powerlink is an advanced software application designed to streamline and enhance the operations of automotive recycling yards. As a key component of Hollander’s product suite, Powerlink offers a range of features to optimize inventory management and part identification.

Hollander’s Powerlink is a powerful tool that revolutionizes inventory management, part identification, and overall operational efficiency within automotive recycling yards. Its advanced features and integration with other Hollander products make it a valuable asset for businesses in the industry.

eLINK is a cutting-edge platform designed to empower automotive recycling yards with advanced tools and features. As part of Hollander’s suite of solutions, eLINK facilitates seamless and efficient operations in the automotive recycling industry.

eLINK Users benefit from an exclusive partnership with eBay, providing access to a specialized rate card. This partnership enables users to save significantly on expenses, showcasing Hollander’s commitment to creating tangible value for its clients. eLINK platform is seamlessly integrated with other Hollander products, such as Powerlink, EDEN, and Interchange.

Weaving together Hollander’s suite of products, EDEN’s integration ensures a cohesive workflow, allowing for efficient matching of customer requests to available parts and streamlins processes within the recycling yard. Boasting a larger inventory than competitors, EDEN enables businesses to maximize sales opportunities.

EDEN, standing for Electronic Database Exchange Network, is a comprehensive database solution designed to connect automotive parts with buyers in the automotive recycling industry. EDEN plays a pivotal role in Hollander’s suite of products, offering advanced capabilities to enhance and streamline the parts procurement process, brokering the exact parts customers are looking for.

Moreover, provides a seamless e-commerce experience, allowing customers to browse and purchase thousands of parts with ease.

The inclusion of a seller directory enhances direct connections between buyers and sellers, fostering a collaborative and efficient ecosystem. In conclusion, investing in Hollander products is an investment in innovation, efficiency, and industry leadership. It positions your business to thrive, leveraging cutting-edge solutions and a rich legacy that ensures you are not just keeping up with the industry but leading it.

700 N. 5th St
Minneapolis, MN