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Staff show off their sweet rides at inaugural company event

In the fall of 2023, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) Salvage treated its staff, many of whom are vehicle enthusiasts, the opportunity to show off their rides.

On September 13, SGI Salvage hosted employees and family members to a Show and Shine at the SGI Salvage Regina yard. More than 24 vehicles were on display for people to look at and learn more about. The whole idea came up by chance, during a meeting between some departments.

“We started talking about our common interest in vehicles—big, small, fast, slow, four-wheel, and two. We thought it would be nice to get our SGI friends together to share our passion and do something fun with the vehicles,” said Lana Jordan, director of broker experience delivery. The number of interested people grew following a call-out, and that’s when the Salvage team reached out with an idea.

“Their suggestion was to add a tour of their Regina site to help increase awareness of what they offer,” Jordan added. “Everyone wanted this to be a family-oriented event. It’s so fun to work with passionate and thoughtful people.”

Carrier and Vehicle Safety Services conducted some voluntary noise testing as well at the event. Saskatchewan recently put a vehicle noise standard in place and vehicles in attendance at the event could test to ensure their vehicle operates within the 101.3 decibel limit.

Troy Koback, manager of salvage production, helped conduct tours of the Salvage and Technical Research Services areas of SGI’s Fleet Street facility.

There was a hotdog barbecue and concession available. It was a tremendous hit, raising $755 for the Regina Food Bank!

Payton Smith, Auto Tradesperson, showed off this custom-built truck that looks set to take on a mud bog or some off-road adventure.
One of the more unique vehicles on display was this Model A Coupe with a recycled 5.3 LS engine from SGI Salvage, owned by Cory Crozier, Parts Technician.
Carrier and Vehicle Safety Services conducted some voluntary noise testing as well at the event. This 1987 Pontiac Firebird passed the test.
2260 – 11th Ave.
Regina, SK
S4P 0J9