RAS technology offerings have set industry trends in part identification




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Rebuilders Automotive Supply is a multi-faceted company with three primary product lines: Automotive Cores, Catalytic Converters, and Product Recalls. All materials are primarily sourced from the Automotive Recycling Industry through thousands of Recyclers in the U.S. and Canada. These relationships have been forged over the course of 50 years since its founding in 1972.

RAS was recognized as ‘Supplier of the Year” by General Motors as one of its best global suppliers during GM’s 23rd annual awards ceremony. Suppliers from around the world received the award for going above and beyond GM’s requirements, designed to provide customers with the most innovative technologies and the industry’s best quality parts. RAS technology offerings have set industry trends in part identification and include CorePro, Recalls, Catalytic Converters, RASBid, CorePro Mobile App, RASCAT App, CoreConnect, and URG.

Automotive Cores

As one of the largest Independent Automotive Core Company in the Industry, RAS has more than 40 product lines, 180,000 part numbers in inventory, and more than three million cores processed annually. Rebuilders Automotive Supply is the number one full-line core supplier to the largest remanufacturers in the world. RAS tools uniquely streamline all aspects of the automotive core evaluation and inventory process while maximizing core revenue.

Catalytic Converters

RAS has become one of the top processors of Catalytic Converters in the U.S. and Canada. We sell the material to the largest smelters. RASCATS APP converter data program is available exclusively for assay suppliers. More than 10,000 ID numbers at your fingertips and easily accessible from your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. RAS buys CATS by the piece, either at our buying doors in Rhode Island and Florida, shipping to Rhode Island or Florida, or from a road buyer. Each piece is checked-in by a member of our CAT Grading Team to ensure proper grading and pricing. Payment is made at the time of purchase, sent via check, wire, or ACH within three days of receipt.


RAS serves as an exclusive U.S. buyback partner of defective Takata airbags for ten automakers (OEMs), covering 23 makes, 145 models, and 16 years of model year coverage. Our extensive relationships with thousands of Auto Recyclers across the U.S. and Canada allows us to introduce and integrate technology so recyclers can instantly identify recalls through the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Recyclers are financially incentivized with a bounty for each airbag returned.

RAS has played a vital role by providing programs for awareness and education to the auto recycling industry on the identification, removal, packing, and shipping of these defective products. Our supply chain processes thousands of shipments each month as these airbags travel from recovery point to their final destination, where the airbag modules are destroyed. RAS has acquired, verified, and destroyed over 500,000 defective Takata airbags. RAS is proud of its role as a corporate citizen in facilitating the removal of these lethal products out of the salvage network, which ultimately saves lives.

Overall, RAS has evolved into a company that promotes the circular economy and the true essence of Recycling. RAS has supported the Auto Recycling Industry since its inception, attending and sponsoring Trade Shows and Conventions, participating in vendor panels, and advertising dollars for State and National Trade Publications. For more information, go to www.coresupply.com.

1650 Flat River Road
Coventry, Rhode Island