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5-day turnaround and slashing status quo

At PMR, we are committed to disrupting the catalytic converter processing industry and pushing the boundaries of innovation. We are excited to unveil our most recent endeavor—an extensive investment of multi-million dollars in cutting-edge machinery and comprehensive companywide renovations. This strategic initiative is poised to revolutionize the converter recycling process, empowering us to provide the first-ever 5-day assay turnaround in the next 12-18 months.

A Major Investment in Efficiency

In this industry, every second counts, particularly in the face of a volatile market. It’s for this reason that PMR focuses on creating efficient and quick processing solutions that allow recyclers to capture market trends quickly.

Our innovative technology slashes standard industry processing delays in half, giving our suppliers the agility to respond to the dynamic market. Realizing the success of speed in today’s market realities, we invested in research and development facilities to build and test machinery that could bring PMR and its suppliers into a new era of converter processing.

This is where our new investment comes in. Aiming to transform converter recycling even more, our 5-day turnaround goals will reduce toll-refining steps even further. Suppliers will get an even faster assay return to hedge current market prices before they change again.

Innovation Runs in Our Veins

25 years of relentless innovation drives these technological breakthroughs. To provide tailored processing services for all converter recyclers, we’ve revolutionized every aspect of the recycling process.

We’ve redefined the business landscape for recyclers, offering flexible lot requirements and the industry’s quickest turnaround rate. By enabling recyclers to send smaller lots and receive rapid payments, we’ve empowered them to attain any financial goal swiftly. Moreover, with separate assay results for each lot, recyclers gain precise data and insights, elevating their business strategies.

We fine-tuned our machinery to maximize efficiency and dust capture, enabling us to secure every ounce of precious metal content. With these cutting-edge new machines, suppliers earn more from their converters, allowing them to increase overall returns and grow their enterprises. As pioneers, we secured an ISO certification in 2022, setting the bar for catalytic converter processing and assaying. In 2023, we completely renovated our machinery and facilities, heavily investing in top-tier technology to achieve an unprecedented 5-day assay turnaround.

All-Inclusive Converter Tools

PMR knows that informed recyclers make the most profitable choices for their businesses. That’s why we give our suppliers access to a range of pricing, evaluation, and tracking tools. With essential pricing information and insight into their businesses, they can buy more profitably, increase overall volumes, and grow their businesses.

Photo grading provides instant converter price estimates with a single photo. VIN/TRIM gives automotive recyclers a sharper edge when buying scrap cars. They can enter the VINs or TRIM of the vehicle and get an instant estimate for the converter(s), allowing them to adjust their prices. Our price list and master catalog allow recyclers to browse average assay returns and prices by grading category or serial number. Referencing these metrics help recyclers make the most informed buying choices.

Tracking tools such as inventory boxes and lot tracking allow suppliers to record the flow of their material in and out of their facility. It also gives them clear visibility on their converter counts, booking accuracy, material type, extras, etc.

Our mission is clear: to empower recyclers with customized processing solutions, unmatched converter tools, and rapid payment options—but we can’t achieve this without being perpetual industry disruptors.

4640 Grande-Allée Boulevard
Boisbriand, Québec
J7H 1S7