Representatives of OARA, OFA, OTS, the Sunshine Foundation, Early's Auto Parts and the city of Alliston gather for the official cheque presentation at Early's Auto Parts.

Toronto, Ontario -- October 5, 2016 -- It's been another successful year for Tire Take Back. This year, the tire recycling blitz collected 64,623 tires to raise $117,998 in support of the Sunshine Foundation of Canada. Early's Auto Parts in Alliston, Ontario came out on top, collecting 15,346 tires, resulting in $21,491 of the total funds raised for The Sunshine Foundation of Canada.

"We continue to be amazed at the success of this program," said Steve Fletcher, Executive Director of OARA. "The efforts our members put in to collecting these tires, and the support our tire hauling partners provide, keep the environment clean, and help The Sunshine Foundation continue to do their good work."

The program is now in its seventh year and has raised more than $1 million to support The Sunshine Foundation of Canada. The event is organized by Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) and Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS), in association with Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA). To date, Tire Take Back has collected 458,185 tires and raised $1,060,306.  

"We are overwhelmed with the support we've received from OARA, OTS, and OFA and their dedication to reaching this incredible million dollar milestone," says Nancy Sutherland, CEO for The Sunshine Foundation of Canada. "Tire Take Back is grassroots fundraising at its best with communities across the province coming together to make dreams come true for our Sunshine kids."

Each year, the Tire Take Back event, through the donation of all tire collection fees, helps children within Sunshine's Ontario network live out once-in-a-lifetime experiences that may otherwise not have been possible, like meeting their heroes, or taking dream vacations.

For Shannon McCauley and her daughter Abby, their family's trip to Disney World was nothing short of spectacular. "Travelling to Disney World was the most wonderful experience for Abby and our family and we are so grateful to the Sunshine Foundation for making this dream possible!!  Abby was able to take a break from physio and medical appointments to explore the magical world of Disney.  She experienced everything from a princess make-over to meeting her favorite characters.  It was definitely a week to remember and one that she speaks of fondly. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts!!"

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