Offering a vast selection of CAPA certified auto parts




6400 Boul des Grand-Prairies Saint Leonard, Quebec H1P 1A2


Monidex Distribution International has been serving the industry since 1983, with an overarching goal to provide customers with vast selections of top-quality products.

While the company is no stranger to the supply chain challenges of 2021, Monidex is thrilled to be embarking on a long project in-themaking this year.

In March the company will begin expansions to its Saint-Leonard, Quebec, warehouse. Following three years of planning, the project will see the warehouse grow from 50,000 sq. ft. to 80,000 sq. ft. Once completed, Monidex will tout 150,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space across the Montreal area. The company also operates a 45,000 sq. ft. facility in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Monidex holds its products to superior standards. Many company parts are CAPA-certified, specially processed to be recognized as certified replacement parts. The company offers a comprehensive roster of components—something that’s only grown with the trends of recent times. Like others, Monidex too noticed an uptick in inquiries for parts rarely requested before 2021.

“We’re selling all kinds of parts—even on older models we certainly weren’t selling before,” said Sal Polletta, founder of Monidex Distribution International. In the face of increased shipping costs and delayed deliveries, Monidex has used its 39-year industry experience to plan and prioritize its actions amid ongoing challenges.

“We have an advantage as a large supplier,” said Polletta. “We carry a huge inventory, and there are certain products where we may purposely purchase more than we need to account for backorders.”

Polletta says he’s often receiving only a fraction of the order place. If Monidex orders $200,000 worth of parts, the delivery typically contains a mere 40 percent of the entire order. “The supply chain just can’t keep up,” he said. “We have to plan ahead to ensure we have our vast supply.”

He doesn’t think it will let up anytime soon, either. “I don’t believe we’ll see the end of these challenges in 2022. One of the only ways to see it through, as a parts supplier, is to offer a robust inventory and plan for the challenges.”


6400 Boul des Grand-Prairies
Saint Leonard, Quebec H1P 1A2