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1557 Bowen Road at QEW
Fort Erie, Ontario
L2A 5M4


“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” said Natalie Miller, owner of Fort Erie, Ontario’s Millers Auto Recycling.

Safe to say no one in the automotive recycling world was prepared for the pandemic of 2020 and the events that have taken place in the last 10 months. For Miller’s Auto Recycling, this pandemic presented an opportunity to revamp operations and take a new lease on the business.

“When the pandemic hit, we did everything we could to take advantage of the slowdowns,” co-owner Chris Miller told Canadian Auto Recycler. “There was a lot of uncertainty in the beginning, of course, but we pushed through every day and took the challenges as they came.”

Miller’s Auto Recycling placed primary focus on the health and safety of their employees and customers in the face of the pandemic. They revised and implemented procedures related to internal process as well as the external touch points from delivery drivers to front office staff dealing with retail or wholesale customers.

Many of these will remain after the pandemic lifts, as they have proven to be efficient and effective business practices. “When you reflect on all of the challenges our organization faced over the years, each and every up and down has helped us prepare our team for the quick reaction that was required at the onset of COVID. In this time of crisis, we were able to tackle these challenges and we are grateful that we took this opportunity to implement new best practices in our business.” states Natalie.

Some obstacles in 2020 were more difficult than others for the organization and industry. “Salvage procurement is a big challenge right now. With fewer vehicles available for purchase at the auctions, it has required us to revamp our entire purchasing strategy.” states Chris Miller Nonetheless, the dedicated business owners are prepared to take 2021 by storm.

1557 Bowen Road at QEW
Fort Erie, Ontario
L2A 5M4