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Lithion offers an all-in-one recycling solution for EV batteries

2023 marked an exciting year for Lithion Technologies (Lithion) as it took to the commercial stage to help ensure EV batteries reaching the end of their useful life, end up going down the correct path to sustainability.

Originally founded in 2018 in Montreal with the goal of creating a circularity of battery materials for the North American market, Lithion has developed technologies to recover strategic materials from Lithium-ion batteries (aka EV batteries) to be used in the production of new batteries.

The company’s main highlight for 2023 was the launch of the construction of its first commercial critical minerals extraction facility, Lithion Saint-Bruno, located near Montreal, Quebec. At full capacity, this plant has the capability of processing over 20,000 tonnes per year of lithium-ion batteries—the equivalent of 60,000 electric vehicles. This facility will also support Lithion’s licensees and partners and will serve as a training centre.

In order to achieve circularity of the battery materials, Lithion relies on two main steps, each handled by a separate plant. First, the mechanical extraction of critical minerals from electric batteries (Lithion Saint- Bruno), followed by the production of battery-grade strategic materials ready for reintegration into the battery supply chain (in development).

Notably, collected battery packs are shredded to produce a signature hydromet-ready critical mineral concentrate known as ‘black mass.’ This critical concentrate is then processed through a patented hydrometallurgy technology to recover battery-grade lithium, cobalt and nickel, as well as graphite and manganese.

Lithion has also recently launched an online portal so that those in the automotive industry–from dealers to auto recyclers–can submit a battery ready for recycling and get an offer for it. The company accepts all lithium-ion batteries as well as nickel-metal hydride batteries.

“We offer the industry a safe, integrated EV battery recovery and recycling solution. Our portal acts as the primary hub for our skilled teams, dedicated to overseeing logistics and transportation across both Canada and the USA. We’re committed to facilitating a smooth and worry-free experience for our partners to build lasting relationships,” said Jean-Christophe Lambert, Director Growth and Business Development at Lithion Technologies.

Born out of a desire to do better, when it comes to plans for the future and the continued push to help develop a circular economy of resources in the automotive industry, Lithion Technologies has plans for 25 plants across North America within the next 10 years.

Jean-Christophe Lambert notes that the company is more than ready to embrace 2024 and is excited for what the year will bring.

“Our main goal for 2024 is all about growth and expansion. And with the launch of our first commercial facility, our focus is on delivering a complete, high-level service. With the continued development of battery recycling in North America, Lithion is working on stepping into a leadership role to help develop sustainable trends and technologies both for the present and the future.

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