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Get precise, safe and reliable induction heating tools from Induction Innovations

Induction Innovations , Inc. is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of high-performance induction heaters for more than 20 years. The company’s headquarters and all manufacturing are in Elgin, Illinois, while its tools are manufactured with genuine OEM parts.

Induction heating tools help solve problems

Induction Innovations’ induction heating tools are designed to solve problems such as removing corroded parts and adhesives in a faster, safer, and more precise way over using a torch. Our flameless heating tools save you time and money by offering a combination of speed, consistency, and control. Founder, Tom Gough, developed the first Inductor Series model in 2000 after dealing with 28 years in collision repair and seeing the many time-consuming repair processes.

Inductor series products

Induction Innovations’ Inductor line features over 2000 watts of power and includes the Inductors: Pro-Max, Max and Glass Blaster. These tools can release adhesives bonded to metal, allowing for the removal of auto glass, decals, graphics, bonded trim, spray-on bedliners and more. The five steps to removing windshields with induction heating tools.

Step-by-step guide to auto glass removal

Removing auto glass can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but with the Inductor Series, Induction Innovations says it can take only minutes! Here’s how to remove glass in a quick five-step process.

Before removing auto glass in the workplace, we recommend that you practice taking glass off a salvaged vehicle. Practicing will help you get used to the weight of the tool and how it operates. We also suggest starting with low power. Once you get familiar with the tool, you can use more power to remove glass faster. Practice makes perfect!

Each of the Inductor kits comes with the Glass Blaster attachment. The Glass Blaster unit has the Glass Blaster attachment hardwired onto it. Each kit comes with two L-wedges to aid you in glass removal and a foot pedal that controls the power output.

Step One: Locate the urethane bead on the underside of the glass. You can do this by using the L-wedge. From inside the car, push the flat end of the L-wedge between the glass and pinch weld until it hits the urethane. This is the area you want to heat.

Tip: Start further inside the glass, it will help you have more control over the tool.

Step Two: Mark the outside of the glass where the urethane is, so you know where to heat. Do this on all four sides of the window.

Step Three (Optional):

To prevent the paint from overheating, spray water or our Cold Shield Thermal Spray Gel around the window. Spray the frame and remove the excess off the glass.

Step Four: Start in one of the corners of the glass towards the inside edge of the window. Step on the foot pedal to activate the unit. Move the attachment back and forth over the urethane in a six-inch section. While you’re holding the attachment in one hand, use the other to apply constant outward pressure to the glass with the L-wedge.

Tip: You will hear the urethane start to crackle and pop like bacon in a pan. This is a good sign that the bond is releasing!

Step Five: Continuously apply outward pressure as you move the attachment, and you will start to feel the glass release. Repeat these steps until the glass comes loose.

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