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Induction Innovations® Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturer of high-performance induction heaters. The company’s headquarters and all manufacturing are in Elgin, Illinois, just west of Chicago. Founder and president Tom Gough developed the first Induction model in 2000 after being in collision repair for 28 years and seeing the many time-consuming processes found in the vehicle and equipment repair industry.

The company’s induction heating tools were designed to solve problems such as removing stuck or corroded parts, auto glass, body molding, panels, adhesives and more, in a faster, safer, and more precise way.

Torches Are Unreliable

Using an open flamed torch to remove parts can be dangerous–open flames are unreliable, can be time consuming to work with and can cause damage to the area surrounding the part, which all affect the productivity of your business, your profits, and the safety of employees.

How Induction Heat Can Increase Your Profits

Induction Innovations’ induction heating tools can save you time and money by offering a combination of speed, consistency, and control by using invisible, flameless heat. The heat is transferred to the product via an electromagnetic field and the part being heated never encounters any flame. Taking a windshield job from two hours down to 15 minutes.

How Induction Heat Works

The coil serves as a transformer primary, and the part being heated becomes a short circuit secondary. When a ferrous metal object is placed within the induction coil, it enters the magnetic field and circulating eddy currents are induced within the part. These eddy currents flow, exciting the molecules 60,000 times a second and the resistance generates the heat. This precise, localized heat is generated without any direct contact between the part and the coil. The coil itself does not get hot, either.

Induction Innovations Product Lines

The Induction Innovations product lines run a wide range of power and portability, starting with the Mini-Ductor® product line. The Mini- Ductor series is the professional’s choice handheld flameless torch and the original handheld induction heater. The Mini-Ductor is the flameless solution to releasing seized or frozen hardware from corrosion and thread lock compounds. This line of handheld induction heaters is made to reach those tight-fitting areas where a flame cannot go.

The next step up in power is the Inductor® Series line, which features more than 2,000 watts of power. These multi-function units are great for heavy duty work and reduces the amount of labor time by 75%. Attachments instantly heat ferrous metals without the collateral damage to nearby plastics. Save on consumables and re-use parts normally discarded.

The company’s newest induction heating system is the heavy-duty ALFe® series, ideal for those that require high end heat levels to release seized parts and panel bond adhesives from steel or aluminum. These units offer 3500 -13000 watts of power.

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1175 Jansen Farm Court,
Elgin, IL