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Gensco’s innovation in ELV de-pollution and dismantling equipment

Gensco, a company with a century-long legacy, is making significant strides in advancing ELV depollution and dismantling equipment, positioning itself as an innovator in the efficient recovery of fuel, fluid, copper, aluminum, plastic, rubber, and precious metals.

The imperative to reduce environmental contamination and recover various commodities, including fluids, rubber, plastics, copper, precious metals and aluminum, is a top priority in Canada and worldwide. Meeting these demands necessitates ELV recycling operations to have de-pollution and dismantling equipment that is efficient, intuitive, innovative, low maintenance and easy to operate.

Gensco has established an exclusive partnership with Iris-Mec Srl., a European leader in auto-recycling technology combining Iris-Mec’s decades of innovation and attention to quality with Gensco’s highly knowledgeable equipment specialists. Gensco has created a proficient team to assist scrap and auto recycling companies of all sizes meet their requirements in a constantly developing environment of advancements in vehicle technology and changes in government regulation.

Over the past year, Gensco has taken substantial steps in supporting Canadian auto recycling operations by providing optimal equipment to adapt to the global demand for a circular economy. Numerous installations of Gensco’s latest depollution equipment in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia and the peninsulas have notably enhanced the productivity of Canadian businesses.

The beauty of this equipment is that it can scale up to support operations that are processing hundreds of cars a day and scale down to smaller operations processing the same number of cars in a week.

Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, Gensco offers a diverse range of purpose-built systems and add-on component equipment for recycling operations of various sizes. This includes de-pollution and dismantling equipment that can:

• Recover gas, diesel, AdBlue, oil, freon, and fluids

• Safely deploy airbags & recover LPG and NPG

• Cut catalytic converters and shred license plates

• Hydraulically lift and tilt vehicles to any angle for safe and convenient dismantling

• Recover fuel and dismantle ELVs via remote control and robotic technology

• Efficiently identify good from poor fuel quality and compartmentalize storage accordingly

• Record fluid volumes and itemize vehicle sources automatically during the work

On the dismantling side, hydraulic clamping/tilting tables streamline the process of extracting valuable parts from an ELV, such as alternators, wire harnesses and catalytic converters. The company also provides equipment for further processing of these parts to recover copper, palladium, platinum, and rhodium. Automated clamping tables and remote-controlled precision dismantling arms, takes productivity to a new level.

Various options are available for wheel crushing or rim popping.Factors like mobility, volume of aluminum vs. steel rims, and wheel size must be considered in choosing suitable equipment. For instance, aluminum rims either need to be crushed in a closed chamber for safety or removed by a wheel popper that can puncture the rim compliantly, rendering it not road-worthy.

In anticipation of a new wave of ELV electric vehicles entering the market, Gensco has secured a second European partnership with Vetter GmbH to supply the e-Vehicle Isolation System. This technology addresses the growing concern of safely transporting and storing burnt-out electric vehicles that are at risk of re-ignition after being extinguished.

Gensco firmly believes that having the right equipment allows for compliance, responsibility, and profitability simultaneously. Leveraging its century-old presence in servicing the recycling, demolition, and automotive industries, the company ensures a seamless implementation process covering delivery, installation, and serviceability of their products.

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53 Carlaw Ave.

Toronto, Ontario, M4M 2R6