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Backed by a team of experienced professionals, EZ Suite’s strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of automotive recycling facilities and deliver management solutions and operational efficiencies.

EZ-QC True, transparent quality control

EZ-QC is capable of providing next-level customer service that recyclers have never been able to provide in the past. QC provides a customized process that helps ensure quality, as described parts are delivered to your customers reducing costly returns and increasing customer satisfaction. No longer do you have to sacrifice valuable time by working with cumbersome technology to reach your goals. EZ-QC provides real-time communication with your internal and external customer.

Valuable data and pictures of your parts are displayed as they are processed so decisions can be made quickly and efficiently. When used in conjunction with EZ-Route, EZ-Runner, and EZ-Partner expected dates and on-time deliveries are calculated and stored—no more surprises for you or your customer. Brokered parts you order afford you the same information as the customers if the supplying yard is a QC subscriber.

• Communicate and track the quality of a part

• Live part quality notifications

• Customizable workflows to fit your internal business processes

• Part puller mobile app with photo and note capabilities.

• Smooth communication with EZ-Runner and EZ-Route

• Real time tracking of brokered orders from the time the order is placed

• Custom views for each user (sales, dispatch, shipping, management etc.)

• Automatic assignment to parts pullers

• Commission tracking by part type with live adjustments.

• Customer portal to track all orders in one app from multiple QC yards.

EZ-Route Plan and track your delivery trucks

EZ-Route is valuable to the recyclers who are time conscious and customer focused. Planning and tracking your parts to their end customers in an efficient manner is critical to customer satisfaction and to your bottom line.

The software is designed to establish and manage efficient processes within your business. EZ-Route integrates with your yard management system providing seamless transition between order generation and delivery.

• Improves customer service

• Reduces truck maintenance costs

• Reduces fuel cost

• Helps manage labor

• Tracks parts to their final destination using GPS

• Enables dispatcher to make real time service-based decisions

• Provides an electronic manifest

• Creates management reports

1220 North Main St.
Mansfield Ohio