Don’t steal from the future by dwelling on the past




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Photo courtesy of A&L Auto Recyclers.

2020 was an interesting year however, 2021 is where we’ve set our sights. We are truly excited about the prospect of offering our customers the means to be productive again and to maximize their profit margins.

There may still be uncertainty in 2021, but if there’s one thing we know, the recycling industry is resilient! There will always be more ‘waste’, more cars, more steel, more demolition waste but we know that there will also constantly be better ways of turning that ‘waste’ into a useable and recycled product.

Often, when business owners look back at the previous year, there tend to be somewhat typical reactions. Some celebrate growth, some mark the changes, some reflect on declining sales. Being in business is usually not a dull experience. The year 2020 certainly did not disappoint.

Let me be clear, 2020 had many disappointments, difficulties and surprises. But 2020 was certainly a busy year! This was certainly true for all of us at ELV Select. The year began normally, took a bit of a nose-dive, plateaued for a while and then took off like a rocket! This made for some exciting moments.

During the ‘nose-dive’ we got busy as we redefined how we could better connect with customers, especially in the absence of tradeshows. Our customers were busy working, ensuring their business processes were efficient, keeping things going. At ELV Select, we looked at our product offering to see where best to improve or enhance what we offer our customers.

During the ‘plateau’ we aligned ourselves with North American distributors to be able to offer more equipment, new and used, to better serve both the auto recycling industry as well as the metal recyclers. We also became the North American distributors for CMB Attachments and Ecohog Recycling Products. These partnerships have enabled us to offer a lineup of products that truly completes the recycling lifecycle.

During the ‘rocket’ phase, we have had the pleasure of building new and exciting relationships with customers in all levels or tiers of recycling. Whether our customers are processing ELVs, collected scrap, plate and structural or electric motors, we can help. From SEDA vehicle drainage equipment, to safe electric vehicle (EV) dismantling and handling. From engine pullers to attachment shears. From copper granulators to mini hammer mills. From car balers to shear balers. From pre-shredders to downstream separation systems.

If there was something to be learned from 2020, it’s that our customers are #1. You have shown time and time again, that during good times and rough times, we can keep going. To all our valued customers we once again say, “Thank You!” We look forward to working alongside you again in 2021.


8263 Wellington Rd. 18
Fergus Ontario
N1M 2W5