Having a positive attitude in 2022 is electrifying




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Photo courtesy of A&L Auto Recyclers.

ELV Select Equipment has started the year running, and what better place than right here to share some of its highlights? First off, the company has added some great new folks to its team. In marketing, ELV Select Equipment says the industry can expect to see more high-quality marketing content coming its way from Shania. In service, the company says you can expect to see a “very capable and tall” service tech, Levi, maintaining and repairing your equipment. Finally, in sales, ELV Select Equipment has welcomed James, a wonderful British persona acting as the company’s Ecohog sales rep.

The company also expects to get back into the tradeshow scene this year, with a few pop-ups at ISRI 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada (March 21 through 24); OARA 2022 in Mississauga (March 31 through April 2); ARA 2022 in Orlando, Florida (September 22 through 24) and CWRE in Toronto (September 27 and 28). The company also made an appearance at COMPOST 2022, which was held in Austin, Texas in January.

“We have been working very hard to improve the services and products we continue to offer to our customers,” said ELV Select Equipment when asked about the year ahead. “We continue to offer great vehicle drainage equipment, service, and parts but as the industry is evolving so is the product offering.”

With the increase of electric vehicles coming onto the market, there is also a proportional number of EVs coming off the road. Proper handling of high voltage (HV) components requires the right tools and equipment to stay safe, prevent fires while remaining efficient. SEDA has spent the last number of years developing high voltage tooling to meet this growing demand. We are excited to present a full range of battery removal, discharge, and storage tools for all makes and models of full electric, hybrid, and range extender EVs.

Another exciting note is the partnerships ELV Select Equipment has forged with Taurus and Ecohog, allowing the company to offer a complete line of shear balers, balers, pre-shredders, and small-tomedium sized shredders as well as a comprehensive line of downstream separation equipment.

“For anyone looking to bale cars better or setup a small shredding operation, we have the solutions for this as well,” said the company. “Overall, we are excited about 2022, to see people, to talk, to find solutions, to keep things going. We have so much to look forward to! We encourage you to do the same: stay focused, stay driven, stay safe!”


8263 Wellington Rd. 18
Fergus Ontario
N1M 2W5