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Simplify towing and logistics with ELC Solutions

Led by founder and CEO Dara Carpenter, ELC Solutions provides fully customizable solutions that are catered to the unique needs of each individual client.

Carpenter established ELC Solutions in 2015 with an overarching goal to manage logistics and dispatch operations for businesses across North America, and recently expanded their expertise to appraisal services. ELC Solutions also acts as a liaison and mediator between insurance companies, towing businesses, collision repair facilities and auto recyclers, streamlining processes and minimizing spending on unnecessary expenses.

ELC Solutions provides a nationwide, all-inclusive solution for clients in the United States and Canada. The company offers towing solutions for light to heavy vehicles; long-distance, accident, shop to shop, salvage, fleet, commercial machinery and recreational vehicles.

“My years of experience in the towing and insurance sectors have allowed me to carve a specialized niche and develop valuable skills in serving the needs of our customers,” Carpenter told Canadian Auto Recyclers. “These skills allow our team and myself to assist companies grappling with the complexities of towing and storage.

“By taking charge of the towing and storage file management process— including negotiations—we can reduce costs, expenses and lighten administrative burdens.”

ELC Solutions adopts a technology-driven approach, exemplified by the ReadyTow platform. The ReadyTow platform offers a comprehensive digital tool for towing management, providing real-time updates for claims adjusters, auto repairers and auto recyclers. ReadyTow also simplifies cost control and payment authorizations, allowing clients to focus on core responsibilities rather than be burdened by paperwork.

“Our insurers and aftermarket partners find ReadyTow to be a win-win tool. The success of our company stems from the strong relationships we have created with industry partners, and our commitment to delivering high-quality customer service while mediating cases on behalf of our valued clients,” Carpenter elaborated.

ELC Solutions’ primary focus is currently in heavy and large commercial projects, recognizing the lack of expertise in this area of the industry. “There’s a significant demand for handling heavy-duty work—but there are no comprehensive regulations in place. The insurance sector and general public lack expertise in this domain, and consumers have no guidelines to determine fair prices. Throughout my insurance career, I have successfully mediated numerous cases involving heavy-duty and large commercial jobs, but this niche remains largely untapped.” As the future continues to unfold for ELC Solutions, Carpenter says the team looks forward to new product offerings coming in 2024/2025.

For more information on ELC Solutions and its portfolio of services, visit www.elcsolutions.ca.

2215 Steeles Ave West
Toronto, ON
M3J 3N0