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Led by founder and CEO Dara Carpenter, E.L.C. Dispatch Solutions offers fully customized solutions to meet its customers’ needs. The company was founded in 2015 with the goal of not only managing the logistics and dispatch of tow operations throughout Canada and the United States, but also to mediate between insurance companies and towing businesses, collision repair facilities, auto recyclers and other players in the automotive aftermarket. E.L.C. mediates any unnecessary expenses and provides towing and storage logistics, while Carpenter brings her two decades of experience in the auto insurance and towing sectors and insider understanding to garner guaranteed savings for her clients.

“My years and experience dealing with the towing and insurance sector allowed me to build an industry niche and valued skill set,” Carpenter told Canadian Auto Recyclers. “I put my skills to use in assisting companies that may be struggling to deal with the complex world of towing and storage. By taking over the towing and storage file management process including negotiations, we can limit cost severities and expenses.”

E.L.C. offers a solution-driven approach to technology, best demonstrated by its ReadyTow platform. This platform’s software is meant to provide clients with a one-stop digital tool for towing management. It allows for claims adjusters, auto repairers, and auto recyclers to receive real-time updates on any in-progress tow. It also provides cost control tools and simplifies payment authorizations, allowing their clients to focus on their jobs and not the associated paperwork.

“ReadyTow is a win-win tool for our insurers and aftermarket partners,” said Carpenter. “The success of the company is due in large part because of the dependable and loyal relationships E.L.C has created with industry partners but also because of the high level of quality customer service and the success our company has had mediating files on behalf of our valued clients.”

Right now, E.L.C. is largely focused on heavy and large commercial work, said Carpenter, recognizing a lack of widespread expertise on the topic in today’s industry. “There’s a very high demand on the heavy stuff, and no real regulations to go along with that. There is very little expertise on the topic in insurance on the public sector, and there are no guidelines for a consumer with respect to what is fair and what is not. I’ve done a lot of mediation in heavy and large commercial jobs in my insurance career, but no one has really taken that niche and worked with it.”

Heading into 2022, Carpenter said there’s plenty on the horizon for E.L.C. Dispatch Solutions. “We have some exciting projects in the works, currently in the pilot phase,” she said. “That will all be announced sometime in 2022, so stay tuned.”

2215 Steeles Ave West
Toronto, ON
M3J 3N0