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1030 Bloomington Rd.
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 0L7


Carcone’s Auto Recycling was recognized by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce as one of the best family run business in 2022. There were three finalists and although they did not win, it is always great to be nominated.

Michael Carcone, co-owner with his sister Paula Badali is an industry veteran with over 40 years’ experience. He was grateful that 2022 began to return to business as usual.

“Last year brought a greater sense of normalcy like we were used to pre-pandemic with the exception of hiring new staff,” said Carcone.

Most of their staff has returned to work in-person at the shop. With exception to the Sales department who continue working remotely as it works better all around. However there is still a shortage of skilled trades. Carcone’s is reporting challenges with staffing—specifically, getting new workers.

“I have no problem retaining our current staff in fact most of our staff has been here for over 10 years. But to find new staff has been a challenge as some may have moved to other provinces or gone into other trades.”

One major project in 2022 was preparing the shop to receive and recycle electric vehicles (EVs)—the shop has already received one Tesla EV by January 2023.

Despite the assistance of organizations like the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association, The Automotive Recyclers of Canada and ARA the lack of EV training opportunities remains a problem that many in auto recycling have reported.

“I asked a fire chief if he had any training and his exact response was: “Minimum, and if you get any training please share it with me!”

Beyond the challenge of new technology and an ongoing shortage in the trades, Carcone’s also reported fiercer competition in the market. “The cost to buy vehicles from the Auction are much higher. I can compete with other Recyclers, but Exporters are different as they do not have the same overhead or have to follow the same Ministry standards that us Recyclers do.”

As for 2023, Carcone’s plans to keep moving forward and advises others to do the same – EVs represent an opportunity for those willing to take the initiative and jump in.

“Don’t become stagnant, keep moving forward.“

1030 Bloomington Rd.
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 0L7