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An entire year has passed, and Michael Carcone is still waiting for his holiday. Carcone’s Auto Recycling, like many of its industry peers, has been in a near-constant state of re-adjustment since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

“We’re changing our processes daily just to try to keep up with the ever-changing environment we’re faced with every day—every day is something new,” said Carcone, co-owner of the Aurora, Ontario, business. “One day, you might have one person missing. Another day, you might have four people missing. It’s a challenge and the goalposts keep moving on us.”

While a severe parts shortage grips the auto industry at-large, Carcone has been working diligently to ensure that customer service does not slip an inch, even going above and beyond to source more specific and difficult-to-obtain parts components.

“We’re trying to let our customers know that there’s a lot of product on backorder that we don’t necessarily get calls for, normally because they’re smaller, dealer-purchased items,” he said.

“Now, with the shortages from the OEMs and the aftermarket, we have that opportunity to try and help them source some of those products.” Carcone’s new strategy bears dual benefits: by delving deeper into his existing inventory, he is stretching the dollars he already spent on his inventory, while also offering considerably more parts options to the customer.

“We’re storing cars longer and we’re inventorying deeper,” said Carcone. “In other words, instead of inventorying 45 parts per car, we’ll inventory 105 parts per car, just to try and get as much as we can online to give people access to it.”

Carcone has been around the block in this industry a few times, and says he’s confident that what we’re going through now is a mere hurdle along the way for the business.

“We know we’ll get through it. It’s just a matter of when and what will the landscape look like. We must persevere and keep moving forward. We’ll get through this. We always seem to.”

1030 Bloomington Rd.
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 0L7