Two decades of tremendous growth







Joe Pellitieri, Marc Parisi, Jason Pellitieri, Andy Pellitieri and Rich Watkins

Buffalo Engine Components Incorporated is a family-owned and operated core auto parts business in Buffalo, New York. Since 1980, the company has provided roll off container services to area auto recyclers. This service picks up engine, transmission, and torque converter core returns and drivelines removed from vehicles. Parts not fit for the rebuilding industry are dismantled, and in the case of cast aluminum are melted and sold back into the automotive industry. Steel and other recyclables are sold to their respective users.

Containers are picked up free of charge, and loads are checked in and paid in U.S. funds generally within seven days of pick up. BEC currently owns and operates in 330,000 square feet and has grown to a workforce of more than 150 employees. Our fleet of roll off trucks and containers give our suppliers a resource to help keep their facilities in order while always receiving the most value for their material. Core price lists are available to the auto wrecker to determine what value they can expect to receive from a vehicle. Any scrap material that doesn’t make the core list is always paid top scrap price. Marc and Joe are always available to get pricing over the phone for cores and scrap and are available to price material for inventory cleanouts down to a price for a single unit.

Today BEC processes 1,000 tons of automotive parts per week, including dismantling 450 engines and 900 transmissions per day. Engines and transmissions that have value to the rebuilding industry are cleaned of their accessories and are sorted and palletized for sale to our customers. The units that do not have value as complete units often have value in their component parts. BEC sells a large quantity of cylinder heads, cranks, cams and other engine components to its rebuilders. BEC is also one of the largest suppliers in North America of reclaimed transmission internal hard parts and torque converters. BEC carries a full retail line of remanufactured torque converters, new electronics, frictions, steels, gasket sets and guaranteed good used transmission hard parts for transmission rebuilding shops, as well as the home mechanic.

The engine and transmission dismantling process left BEC with larger and larger quantities of scrap materials that needed to be recycled. What was once a byproduct of the business had become one of the company’s largest revenue streams. In early 2016, BEC added two aluminum recycling furnaces to take the cast aluminum from the disassembly operations and turn it into 2,000-pound aluminum sows to sell back to the automotive industries die casters.

The company now produces over 500 tons a month of a near 380 quality aluminum sow that ends up being cast back into engines and transmissions for many of the world’s auto manufacturers. BEC’s partnerships with some of North America’s largest die casters and automotive remanufacturers assure that its vendors will continue to receive the most competitive prices for their reusable cores as well as their scrap. BEC continues to grow and diversify its offerings and has a number of projects in their infancy stages to continue to bring our suppliers and customers the products and services they have come to expect.

1824 Filmore Avenue Buffalo, NY 14214