A Trip Across the Pond: OARA announces 2024 auto recycling trip to England

Toronto, Ontario — The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) has announced a proposed itinerary for a trip to England to sightsee and visit English automotive recyclers. The initial itinerary notes that the trip—taking place June 15 to 23—is a “cross the pond learning opportunity to see how (England) processes vehicles, prepares for electrification, and to […]

Tire Troubles: Research from the Recycled Rubber Coalition estimates 12 percent increase in scrap tires with greater EV adoption

Toronto, Ontario — The Recycled Rubber Coalition has released a white paper that estimates a 12 percent increase in scrap tires following the greater adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). The paper, “An Unexpected Electric Vehicle Environmental Problem With Common Sense Solutions,” specifically examines how the rapid adoption of EVs will potentially lead to an increase […]

All For Olives: Ford working on using discarded olive tree waste to produce car parts

Toronto, Ontario — Ford Motor Co. is continuing to work on using discarded olive tree waste and bio composites to produce car parts and reduce plastic waste. According to the automaker, the waste used includes olive tree branches, twigs and leaves in a process that blends these organic materials with bio composites and then molds […]

Magnetizing Manufacturing: Cyclic Materials launches pilot plant for recycling magnet materials from electric motors

Kingston, Ontario — Cyclic Materials has recently launched a pilot plant in Kingston, Ont., aimed at recycling magnet materials from end-of-life products. The pilot plant project is specifically employing Cyclic’s proprietary technology, Mag-Xtract, which separates rare earth elements in permanent magnets from end-of-life products and parts such as traction electric motors. According to Cyclic Materials, […]