Car-Part Pro and the Car-Part Pro app have added images to the descriptions and parts grading information already present. Clicking on the main image will bring up a gallery showing all images of the part in question.

Fort Wright, Kentucky -- November 18, 2015 -- Insurers and repairers can now see recyclers’ Part Images while shopping in the Car-Part Pro marketplace and in the newly redesigned Car-Part Pro app. Jeff Schroder, CEO of, made the announcements recently at the Car-Part Industry Conference.

The new Part Images feature is automatic, and live today in the Car-Part Pro search results whenever Part Images are available, with more being added daily. Part Images allow you to confirm the quality and accuracy of recycled parts with photos, complementing the descriptions and part grading information already provided in Car-Part Pro. In the search results, the part description now includes a thumbnail of the part's primary image, that when clicked, opens a gallery window with all photos for the part.

"The addition of Part Images is a big step in our relentless pursuit of finding you the right part, from the right dealer, at the right time. Part Images is an exciting enhancement to our eCommerce marketplace, which already provides one-click workflow capability for insurance appraisers and repairers," says Jeff Schroder, CEO of

Car-Part Pro also allows you to filter search results to see only parts that meet your quality standards, using ARA part grading and recycler certifications. You may Order Part or Add to Estimate with EMS Pro with one click. Car-Part Pro automatically confirms the part's availability in real time. Results return in under two seconds. 

The Car-Part Pro mobile app (iOS/Android) also includes the Part Images feature as part of its newly streamlined, user-friendly interface for multi-part searches. Snapping a pic of the VIN with the phone's camera speeds the search and invokes Car-Part's exclusive SmartVin technology for increased parts accuracy. For busy traveling appraisers, a GPS button finds parts closest to your location. The new app design was created with feedback from appraisers and repairers, and leverages centrally managed, cloud-based search profiles. says the new designs provides a more seamless and integrated experience.

Car-Part Pro is offered to repairers at no cost and is available for insurers and independent appraisers! For more information, please visit