According to the IARC website, potential topics and ideas for discussion are:

· Illegal export of wrecks from Europe and North America into Africa and Asia. Why don’t the authorities make any action against this? Why is there a total lack of law enforcement?
· China is seeking 5 million used cars outside China for recycling in new shredding and dismantling plants. What are the consequences of the shredders and dismantlers
in Europe?
· Do traders kill the local car recycling businesses?
· Does size of recycling companies matter? (car, steel, aluminum etc.)
· Why don’t car manufacturing companies take over the recycling chain? (like the Chinese computer manufacturers do?
· Eco design is nice for researchers, but the design is solely driven by the consumer…
· Are there enough (cheap) metals for all the upcoming EVs?

More information on presenters and speakers will be available in November, according to the IARC website.