Firefighter Fridays: Standard Auto Wreckers to host auto extraction demo this Friday

Toronto, Ontario — Looking for a way to add some fun to your Friday? Standard Auto Wreckers may be able to deliver–the Scarborough, Ontario, auto recycler is hosting the Markham Fire Department for a meet and greet and general auto extraction demonstration tomorrow, June 10. The Markham Fire Department conducts weekly training on-site at Standard Auto […]

Icy Energy: Cold-resistant batteries could extend EV range, says research report

Beijing, China – Riemannian surface on carbon anodes enable lithium-Ion storage at -35c–or, in more plain English, researchers led by Xi Wang of Beijing Jiaotong University may have discovered modifications allowing EV batteries to better survive harsh winter climates. According to research from ACS Central Science, the smoothness of graphite in lithium-ion batteries is enough […]

Industry Insider: All about IAA’s rebrand, with managing director Blair Earle

Toronto, Ontario — Today on Collision Repair‘s Industry Insider podcast, we sit down with Blair Earle, managing director of IAA, formerly known as Impact Auto Auctions. That’s exactly what we’re here to talk about today—the company’s recent rebrand to IAA. All the same offerings, services and global support the company has always offered, just under […]