A Whole New World: Mitchell International on the changing landscape of automotive recycling

Toronto, Ontario — Mitchell’s second-quarter Industry Trends Report (ITR) for 2021 features a podcast with Ryan Mandell, director of Claims Performance and special guest Jeff Helget, vice president of Operations at B&R Auto Wrecking about the changing automotive recycling landscape.  In the podcast, the two discuss how the automotive recycling industry is adapting to growing […]

On the Block: Profit Team Consulting breaks down block labour, warranties

Ottawa, Ontario ⁠— The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association’s (OARA) latest virtual training session once again featured Mike Kunkel, Lee Worman and Rob Rainwater from Profit Team Consulting⁠—this time answering some of the industry’s questions around block labour and part warranties.   Worman said block labour warranties have the potential to solve a common percentage-based problem […]

Selfies in the Scrapyard: Auto wrecking facility becomes go-to location for photographers

Cardinal, Ontario — The Eastern Ontario Boneyard, an auto recycler in Cardinal, Ont., has become a hot-spot for photographers and Instagrammers searching for rare vintage vehicles.  Unlike most auto wrecking facilities, the Eastern Ontario Boneyard prides itself on saving older cars with half of its stock dating back to 1950-1980. With its vast collection of […]

Precious Cargo: Police catch catalytic converter thieves red handed

Burnaby, British Columbia — Catalytic converter thieves were caught red-handed at a traffic stop by Burnaby police. The two men stopped by officers were already known to steal catalytic converters, and one was already told by the police previously that he wasn’t allowed to carry the cat-cutting tools. Burnaby police have since seized the tools […]