Fuelled by Ford: Canada’s most popular and most retired car brand

London, Ontario — Ford is not only the most popular automaker in Canada–the automaker’s models are also the most common brand retired through Canada’s Retire Your Ride vehicle recycling program in the last year. Out of all Ford models, the Escape and Focus were retired the most often through the program. The most popular vehicle […]

Retirement Funds: Recycled vehicle prices up 20 percent since 2019

Toronto, Ontario – For Canadians with an old clunker car collecting dust in their driveway, now may be the perfect time to cash in on selling it for scrap, according to a report from the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC).  The Retire Your Ride program has seen a 20.4 percent increase in the average price […]

Reap the Rewards: ARA’s virtual Convention and Trade Show kicks off, live events running through Nov. 13

Charlotte, North Carolina — The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) has officially kicked off its virtual Convention and Trade Show, which will feature key industry insights and information for auto recyclers. The three-day event, beginning Nov. 11 and running through Nov. 13., features several different ‘rooms,’ including a networking and engagement centre where attendees can chat […]